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Just arrived at our rental at Anini Beach On Kauai. We are staying across street from beach very near the end of the road where the river/creek comes out. I am interested in trying for bonefish but can't figure out the right places as it is not typical flats. Last time I came here I tried this area but found most of the water too deep. Anyone have some details about areas to focus on? May try to hire Rob Arita but have not decided yet as the $$ has been hemmorhaging from my wallet so far this trip. Kauai seems more $$ since I last came 3 yr ago.
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Watch your valuables was advice I was given. Lot of indegents living in tents picking shells for a living there.
No current fishing advice to offer. I know its tough casting into a steady 40 + knot North wind. There may be a young guide named Nigel working. He is tall, walks through the water like its not there and has great eyes.

IF you happen to be a retired Vet with Base privileges you could look into flats access on the Barking Sands Missle Range on the South tip of the island. In the late 50s a Bone was caught there that held the world record for awhile. It's a long drive from where you are staying but you could also take in the Grand Canyon of the Pacific the same day.

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I fished with Arita 4 or 5 years ago. He took me to the area very close to where you are staying by the creek...not on the far side, I guess it would be East of the stream if I remember correctly how the beach lays. We also went along the beach at the other end. I was hoping he was better at spotting them than I but the conditions that morning were almost impossible to see into the water. No success. I tried it the next day on my own. I did learn a valuable lesson that day. It's not good to step in a deep hole with your unprotected key fob to the rental car in your shirt pocket. The car will not start when the fob is toast. It's a long wait for the tow truck. Lucky the cell phone worked at that beach.
Kim, David and Jordan,

Thank you for the info. Saw someone getting guided and they were fishing the near side of the channel off the creek as Kim said. This seems to be one of the fishier spots as it is one of the biggest channel the whole area drains through (prevailing winds push water here). Fished a bit last time I was here but lots o snorklers and kids thowing rocks at the time. I am staying 200 yards from the channel so there is a good stretch of water I can hit when the conditions are right. Saw some papio and needle fish but no bones sighted so far. Trades are up and the clouds are on an off so tough conditionts but is sure beats work:) .


When the trades are up and heading inland, those are sometimes the days you want to go out. A lot of fly fishers will say "It's too windy" but honestly, those windy days can sometimes push big bones up onto the flat with the right tide. Take a bigger stick (we used 9 and 10wts when it's windy) that can punch the wind and have at it. I know that sight-fishing is the "way to bonefish" but honestly, if you want to up your chances at hooking up with one, blind casting is a successful method that does work: I've done it myself in Hawai'i and I've seen the fruits it can produce first hand.
If you get shots at Papio I highly suggest taking them- they are a total blast that pound for pound put up one of the best fights I've ever had based on their size and strength.
I would still suggest giving Sean and Clay a call at Nervous Waters to see if they can direct you to some people over on Kauai or the Coach at 808-292-9680.

Thanks for the info. I brough my 10 wt as I figured the wind would be up. As you suggest I have been setting up in some channels on the in tide and blind casting. I did communicate with Coach last trip and he gave me the name of Rob Arita who seems to be the go to person here. There was someone name Nigel who guided here inthe past but not sure if he still is guiding here. I am just a bit reluctant to lay out significant cash for a guide when the conditions are less than ideal. I have hired a guide on Oahu and the Cook Islands and learned quite a bit about Pacific Bone fish and Trevale from them. Going out right now to give it a try as the sun is up and the winds not too bad. If I get frustrated I will try to hook up with guide Rob.


Every time that I have hooked up blind-casting in Hawai'i I was using a size 2 orange Gotcha or similar with heavy eyes. You want that fly down on/near the bottom and with the winds moving water on the surface your fly line can get a bow in it that lifts the fly up. Stay down. Long casts and just do the good old hand twist retrieve with a few jerks now and again.

And remember, those Hawaiian bones can get big so hold on!
Setting up blind casting on the incoming tide can work, but try fishing the outgoing. Wade as far out as you can that you are still safe (don't be a hero) and fan your casts into the channel. When the tide is high the bones are usually up on the flat already and you are wanting to intercept them as they eat and cruise on their way out.
I went out with Rob. He is a great guide. It is expensive tho. I think the hardest part is seeing the fish. The bones will come right up to the shore. Plus they are easier to see there.
Yes Jeff Delia is an excellent resource as he had a guide business there a long time ago. I've had success just west of Tunnels, also Hanalei Beach park and Kapa'a beach park. Sharer has a beach house at Tunnels...
You could do this too, (from Dan Blanton's board):
Posted by Louie the Fish! on 2012-06-21 14:57:32
Yes it can be done , and we did it! Four of us fished the stocked Puuloa reservoir up at Kokee State Park on Kauai on June 16, opening day, and it was great fun! Most locals were using spin gear, lures bait, etc, and catching pretty good, but with flies we slaughtered them. We even used dry flys most of the time.
I caught one and lost one in a Kokee Stream earlier, in the photo, but the rest of the day was wading around in the reservoir catching a trout on every cast!
The season stays open til end of September, in case you visit Kauai. We fished with young local guide Nigel Warrack,
(808 652 9038)([email protected]), who is an excellant Kauai guide. He took me to a remote bonefish spot next day, where he has seen bones close to 20 pounds. He hooked and lost one in the 2 hours we fished. I never got into any but saw some. All in all it was a great fishing holiday close to home!
Louie the Fish!
jordan, what kind of set up do you use? flies?thanks for the intel

Setting up blind casting on the incoming tide can work, but try fishing the outgoing. Wade as far out as you can that you are still safe (don't be a hero) and fan your casts into the channel. When the tide is high the bones are usually up on the flat already and you are wanting to intercept them as they eat and cruise on their way out.

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