Letter From The Wdfw Today

Matt Burke

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Dear Successful Applicant:

I am one of 8500 selected and are eligible to purchase a Multiple Season Deer Tag for the 2012 license year. They just green lighted the purchase of a black powder rifle. I don't know dick about bow hunting though. Definitely not on my purchase list. Could work some kind of trade. School me on the bow, school you on steelheading, any river in the state. I could barter mass fly equipment. Both long and short rods.

Either way, this is awesome news.


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Matt pm me and can help with archery deer.

Just a word of warning you might go back to the rifle for hunting

can pick up a used bow for around $200

I haven't heard of this yet. Was this a drawing? Do you get multiple Deer or just the opportunity to hunt archery, muzzle and rifle if you don't get your deer in one of the other seasons?