Lingcod Thread

First set of flies for next week. I'll start on tubes tomorrow, unweighted. I may use small eyes just to keep the hook up and away from snags.
Lingcod _017.JPG

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Those are big enough to do the trick. Colors look like what has worked for me using jigs. Most recently, I was using a plastic twirl-tail baitfish about 6" long on a lead jighead that was at least another inch, and that was a little smaller than what the other yak anglers were using. They had red/pink/white plastic monstrosities around 8" long, rigged on what looked to be at least 2 oz, (maybe bigger) heads. I was too busy fishing to go over and ask what they were using until they paddled by me as they were leaving, and then one of 'em held his jig up for me to see.

I recall that my friend got his 29" "hitchhiker" Ling on a 15" Kelp Greenling he hooked using a sand shrimp for bait. So I think that you can hardly tie 'em too big for the Lings. A 6" fly may be on the smaller end of what is effective. I think that you want 'em big enough to get their attention. If you shake out line and don't have to worry so much about casting a behemoth concoction, then you can present some huge junk to those monsters.
Thanks for the insight Jim, I'll tie up a couple big monsters so I'll have a wide spectrum of lengths and maybe add some pink into the mix. Smaller flies should get some rockfish attention anyway.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Yes, i am going to try some really big ugly jigs next time. At least 8" long.
I plan to tie up some big flies, too. I still have to get my 8 wt shooting head together (just need to make some loops and I'm done), and I have a reel with backing set up, some 3/0 siwash and some 5/0 octopus hooks, and plenty of tying materials.

Might have to sneak in tying some trout lake flies and do some lake fishing here shortly, but my go-out along the jetty last tuesday got me fired up for the bottom fish. I had several shallow water hookups with the black rockfish, an undersized ling, and a greenling.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Steve, I can hardly wait to see your tube patterns.

I'm also thinking of tying feathers and synthetics onto my jig heads for gear fishing, instead of using soft plastics. Sometimes I wonder where all that lost soft plastic goes.

Those big flies look like they eat up a lot of materials! The jig head I plan to tie on is going to eat a lot, from the looks of it. I might be able to tie up as many as two of 'em. Lings might rip 'em to shreds. So tying Ling flies on tubes sounds like a great idea if it results in less ravaging of the fly body.

I'm going to finish putting my shooting head together today!
I've been thinking about lingcod lately too. Has anyone ever heard of them around the Bremerton area (Dyes, Sinclair, Bainbridge, etc)? I know of some habitat that would seem like a good place for them but haven't heard of anyone fishing for them around here.
Unfortunatly, I don't have a good opening day report. Tried for about 3 hours but got completly blown off the water. Apparently checking the marine forecast would have been a good idea.

Had to call it at 11..... Next time.
I just (yesterday) picked up a Rio Outbound 9i6s (9wt intermediate running line with a type 6 head...) that I also picked up two 15 foot lengths of T-8 (for fishing Kelp beds) and also two 25 foot lengths of T-20 go get down and dirty. I figured I would actually underline my 10wt since the whole rig (line and T-8/20 plus a big fly) would load the rod for what I want.
If anyone else has suggestions on custom rigging/splicing, chirp in!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I found some good tips on Dan Blanton's website by doing a search there for "Mix and match shooting heads." He describes how he loops together various lengths of tungsten line to make a convertible system.
I'm just using the woven mono loops on the ends of my T-14.
Ha Ha yeah about 80 to 200 feet deep under the bridge. There are a few small spots that hold a few fish in shallower water but a lot of them have been fished out. With the small numbers of fish it is a real challenge on a fly rod. I am sure there are a few spots I don't know about yet that might fish better if no one has fished them to hard. Unfortuntaley a lot of the artaficial reefs in the area are marine preserves and are illegal to fish also. I think area 10 and 9 would be more promissing, with the straits and ocean being ideal.
Jesus Yellowlab, nice work! I was fishing the same area opening morning, but got out late and gave up early. Can't wait to get out there. Got those pictures in the Felt Seoul blog this morning too, badass for sure!