Unique Watercraft

Ed Call

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Interesting. I was going to take a set of older pontoons and affix them outside of a canoe when I first started taking my girls on the water. Mother is a bit of a hoverer, but I think that all have embraced the family cataraft well.


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While fishing the columbia (herman creek) in oregon, two guy's came in with a pontoon boat with a sheet metal bottom and custom frame with like a 40 hp inboard with jet pump in back for power. it worked sweet, the 10 or twelve ft. toon fit inside the frame and then attached. could be lifted out and be used for normal use also. this was at least 10 years ago and they were trying to invent a fast power source for toons. guess it never took off like they thought it would - but it was one sweet ride!


John or "LC"
I will kill to have that in my boat arsenal. Then my wife would kill me if I bought another one. Someone should snag that stud. $4K sounds fair.