First glass rod

I picked up my first glass rod last week. It's a 8' Phillipson Power Kast for DT 6wt. It casts well with my regular WF5F and I expect it will cast better with the intended line. It needs one guide and one other needs repair, and the loop on the tip guide broke off when I was trying to bend it a bit. I don't think this model is rare or valuable so I'm planing on fixing it myself. Is there a book or other info on rod restoration available?

I might also be interested in trading it for a rod that might be a little more useful to me. Something a little shorter and a little lighter would be great.
First off, if you want to repair it go to the fiberglass rodders website and look through the files there.
Secondly, if you are going to fix it and keep it, I have a Phillipson "Master" with original tube that needs one side of a guide repaired and is a 7'6" i believe and comes with sock and original tube.
And lastly, I have a LL Bean outfit which is 6'11" 2pc 4wt with reel and reel on rod cordura case. brand new for sale as well as a 5'9" 2pc 4wt with JAustin Forbes reel, really nice little setup. Send me a PM if you figure out what you want to do. Heck, I may even be interested in the rod myself.

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