Poll: How many rods have you slammed in the car door?

How many rods have you slammed (or seen slammed)in
a car door, Trunk or whatever? Also, was it a nice rod
and did mfg replace it for you? Charge or no charge?
Took my youngest son to Rocky Ford on a hot june day last year
and he set his brand new rod against the car door mirror.
As he shut the door the rod naturally slipped off the mirror
and broke just about in half. Part of his punishment was watching
me catch slabs for about 3 hours in 97 degree heat. Fortunatley for me
nobody was able to punish me for the last 2 rods I did that to.
They were replaced free of charge by mfg. His was too cheap however to come with a warranty.
Remember watching my young son whom I tied a new sage rod for try lifting it by the tip. Can still see it in slow motion. As he was lifting, I started to yell, but was a little late!

That was many years ago. He is now eighteen, normally outfishes me, and still uses that rod. Last trip he took a friend who is new to fly fishing. Got a kick out of him giving the friend the 3rd degree for laying his rod haphazardly near his boat!

Sage replaced that rod and others for a nominal fee.
I lost an inch off of the tip of the first rod I ever built in my car door about seven years ago. It was a Lamiglas fiberglass blank, so the whole blank didn't shatter like a modern graphite rod might. Fortunately, it did not affect it's action. It did teach me to be more careful around car doors.

A much more traumatic accident happened on the St. Joe River in Idaho about four or five years ago. I was climbing up the bank and lost my balance while holding onto a Sage LL 3 wt. I'd built. The top half broke beyond repair. What a sweet casting rod. I have not been able to replicate the action of that rod.



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This will be fun! Hmmm....lets try to jog the ol' bean here to remember.
01. Fenwick graphite 8'6" 7wt. Lillypad sunday lake casting for bass...fly snagged lillypad got irate yanked hard broke above the ferrule.
02. Lamiglass graphite 9' 8wt. Car trunk
03. Sage 9' 6wt. ran this one over. Broke multiple pieces. Big mess. Big drunk to mourn it's passing.
04. Loomis 9'6" 5wt. fishing the Yak fly caught on grass on the back cast...got irate yanked hard...broke above ferrule...nother excuse to hit the Tav in E-Burg.
My biggest regret after all this...never did fill in the registration forms for the warranties... :DUNNO

Chris Scoones

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Yep, lost a few to the power window and door gods. The most memerable was in Idaho four hours after I bought a G. Loomis IM6. In the time before snapping the tip off in the window I brought two trout to hand and long line released a beaver. Don't ask. :AA


I haven't had any break in the car doors or windows but I did break two while going to the river to fish. One was a Cortland that I shattered the tip on when I slid down a bank and banged the butt on the ground, And the other was my first rod a fiberglass one that broke when I got it tangled in the bushes and yanked to free it. It broke right above the joint.
I guess rhat I better knock on wood so I don't ever do those things again. Jim S. :BIGSMILE
The coolest thing about all your replies to this message
has been; listening to the sense of humour you've all kept
(laugh to keep from crying) and the stories surrounding the incidents.
Regarding the dude that forgot to fill out those warranty cards;
I never filled those out either and a good mfg usually won't require you to. I mean, you're supposed to...and its good practice...but....
one of the two rods I broke was a St. Croix...no questions asked
the other was an east coast mfg named Versitex...not too bad
but I had to pay postage both ways..no big deal the st croix was a legend 6 years old @ $150.00 the versitex was an [email protected] $150.00
This has why it has been so hard for me to spring for the expensive
500 dollar rod. But I no I will someday. I just want to make sure I have
gotten all the accidents out of the way first. Bought the wife an orvis silver label 5wt. for 250 bucks with lifetime warranty and bought her a st croix 7wt. for 280 bucks...cant say enough about
st croix customer service.


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Only one. It was a Pfeuger Medalist 8 1/2 ft 7 wt. It was my first rod. Tailgate got it!! Darn. Luckily, i had one more day to go before my one year warrantee was up from Wal-Mart. Got a fresh one and still fish with it!! I can imagine that if I smashed me Sage in the door, it would probably be worse than smashing my hand on the door!!

Jason :ANGRY
Oh, heres another one! Forgot. The fist time I took that same young son fishing I rented him a sage 3 or 4wt. We were on the middle fork
and the rod broke in half. I didnt see it happen and he didnt seem to
know how it broke. Anyway, the good thing was that the rental shop
didnt charge us a thing....probably cuz sage has some kind of deal
with them that adresses that kinda thing. Thats why the next rod & reel
combo I bought him was a scientific anglers beginner package for $90 bucks including floating flyline at sportco.I'll give him hand-me -downs i think from now on..((heee-hee cuz that'll justify me gettin
that new expensive rod to wifey-poo. honey, the kids gotta fish...ya know?heh,heh

Scott Salzer

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Zero, zilch, nada! Last thing out of the case is the rod, first thing into the case is the rod. If setting the rod down, always on the roof. I did fall on some rocks and just "tinked" the tip. Little pocket limit trout broke it off.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

I'm like Microbrew, dang rods are too expensive not to be really carefull where you put it when outa the case. I broke one, a Fenwick.
Strangest thing. I was shaking the tip trying to free the tangle that you get when your tippet gets under a guide sometimes. I had one of those old fashioned plastic leader links back then. The leader link slapping against the rod busted it about 3" from the tip.
Fenwick replaced it No Cost, but I've heard others say those Fenwicks are pretty brittle.

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