First time this this year out on Rattlesnake and it was good as always. Out on the water around 4:30. Had a few bites in the next 2 hours and then like clockwork as soon as the sun came off the lake things got hot. Hit about 7 straight with the largest around 18". These rest of the fish were small all around 12" I'm thinking they might be planters. Anyway it was warm, no wind, and only about 6 fishing on the lake...it was great.
I was using an intermediate line with a olive-green non-beadhead Wooly Bugger. I was slow trolling and using quick 4" strips. They were just under the surface...I used a beadhaed earlier, but I think it was going below where they were feeding.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Of course they are all planted...as noted I was talking about holdovers.
Not to quibble, but your meaning wasn't clear on the first reading (or the second either for that matter.) If it had been I wouldn't have wasted the time to post.



Indi "Ira" Jones
Ah Kent, I think it is possible that you just did a poor job of inferring, where as others did so easily, please don't blame the author just accept ownership of the problem.

As for the report, thanks for the details. I imagine that one of these days I'll have to fish that lake.
hahahahha even a simple fishing report is grounds for debate. Maybe fishermen are solitary creatures for a reason. hahaha. @ kent, i thought it was funny, no worries. @ Dog, thanks for a good post, 18" is a slab for that fishery, nicely done.
I fish rsl often once the rivers close for steelhead around the sound. It would be cool to meet some wff members in person. I am usually in my blue, creek company pontoon boat or a creek company float tube on occasion. My name is Brandon, next time your on the water and see me say hello.

Nice report Food dog, 18" is a nice fish.
Is it worth it to go to this lake to wade the shoreline? Or is this a float/toon lake? I was checking it out the other day and saw a beautiful inlet on the northeast corner and movement on the surface within casting
Distance from the shore near the boat launch
I think it's a toon or tube lake. My son and I had some success with his spinning rod and a fly from the shoreline last summer but the best bet is a floating device.
I found it was pretty decent to wade the shoreline late fall through early February. It is then at this time the water level rises and a lot of the shoreline is not accessible on the West side of the lake.