Rental car to fit 2x watermaster kodiaks inflated

Hi guys,

As per the title above, can anyone tell me whether 2 x watermaster kodiaks will fit in the back of a Chevy Suburban with the back seats down. I have been on Chevy's website on and off this week trying to get an idea by pouring over their cargo specs and thought its just easier to ask away as someone here will know.

I am heading to MT and need a vehicle that will allow us to just stow the boats ready to fish. Any ideas or is the only real option a mini van or deflate them (or one chamber partly) each time?!?!?

Sorry for the simple question but I am struggling to work out which vehicle is the best choice using only internet searches.


Ed Call

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Two kodiaks lightly softened would fit in the suburban. The stack height will block your rear mirror view. You will have to top them off a bit, but can leave them mostly inflated.
Thanks Ed. The other options seemed substantially smaller with the Tahoe and Dodge Caravan the main alternatives. I will stick with the behemoth for this trip.

I would ask you about fins but after reading previous posts you have made I know what your recommendation is. In any case I thank you for the assistance as last trip I had a Subaru Forester which meant a lot of inflating/deflating! The Suburban looks massive.......
Thanks for the advice guys,... Unfortunately a pick up truck is out of the question as I want some security for my boats when stopping for dinner or when the car is parked overnight out front of our accommodation. Also there will be times that we have gear in the car that needs to be out of sight/secure.

My choices with the rental company we use are Chevy Suburban $2200 or Tahoe $1900, Ford Escape $1400 or Dodge Caravan $1200. Prices are for the rental period selected. While it may be ok to throw them on roof racks on some occasions, for the most part I want to keep them secure in the vehicle.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Derek Young

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Montana is one of the last few places where you don't always have to worry about your stuff. Save yourself some money and invest in a good 12V pump, and rent a smaller vehicle.

Where in MT are you going? Any chance you can bring a few Square Bears over with you? :)

Ed Call

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Whoa, at those prices go small and inflate. Save a lot of cash. Inflating a WM only takes three to five minutes with a good 12v pump and K pump.
Whoa, at those prices go small and inflate. Save a lot of cash. Inflating a WM only takes three to five minutes with a good 12v pump and K pump.
LOL. Cost split two ways and for three weeks so not as bad as it looks...In any case it may be cheaper to deflate most times and invest in some roof racks (if the car doesn't come with them) and put on the roof on odd occasions inflated. I guess I could purchase a lock/cable combo to at least make it a harder porposition to steal them off the roof.

I realise that having them stolen in MT is well down on the list of likely occurrences. ;-)

Thanks for the advice....


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Yeah - I'm in agreement with everyone else that you don't need to be spending that kind of coin to hide your gear inside the car. If you're crazy worried - maybe just rent one of those smal uhaul trailers? But seriously, watermasters take about 15 minutes to inflate and way less time than that to inflate if you have a 12v pump to help out. Deflating them and rolling them up takes all of 10m as well.


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Yeah and you're not going to need a roof rack either. Just toss a towel up there so you don't scratch the roof and get some tie downs. you'll be set. If you're super paranoid about it, get a big bike lock cable and lock them together in a loop - then buy a cheap chain and lock that to the frame of the car... that'll stop the dash n go theives - but again... MT. Biggest thing you'll have to worry about is falling in love with the place and convincing yourself you need to move out there.
Thanks Jesse......I hear you and I am not paranoid in the slightest (last last MT trip was for three months) I get what you are all saying...but after all that if someone DID swipe them I would be out 5k not to mention it would ruin my access/fishing plans which to me is worth a lot more again.....I could't justify springing for new ones while there and in any case Rich may not be holding stock of them come late wouldn't cover them if they were not secured and even then if they were in the car (not the trunk) they wouldn't be covered; so this is merely a case of pre-empting a potential, albeit unlikely problem.

Thanks for the heads up on not purchasing racks.....I put my WM Kodiaks on a small trailer or on my roof racks here at home when I have to shuttle them upriver ....your solution is simple and cost effective so thanks for chiming in!

Also in regards to inflating/deflating..I get it and I have an LVM but the point is that I want to be able to just drop em in and go....If I drive past a river and can organise a shuttle on the go on the phone I can pull out an assembled boat and start floating......same goes for short evening drifts after fishing one river for the day we might do some last/short sessions to get in any hatch....the last thing I want to do is inflate/deflate the things 20-40 times in three's not just the time it takes to inflate but also the time it takes to add oars, seats, gear etc. If they are inflated and loaded in the car its a 5 mins operation per lanuch as opposed to 20 (inflation + deck them out x 2 boats). That's a lot of time spent in the car park messing about when on a short three week trip where airfares $3500, accomm $1500, licences $300 (ID,MT,WY,YNP), fuel $600, Food $1000, Shuttles $400 etc etc are already costing heaps. Another few hundred split two ways on a larger car is not that big a deal when all this is factored in.

Thanks for the help. It's very much appreciated...;-) I really just needed to know whether that beast of a car - the Canyonero- I mean Suburban, would fit 2x WM set up in the back...;-) I really appreciate the replies and have some useful options now.....


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I think you'll spend a lot more time wedging those things in the back of a suburban rather than tossing them on the roof and flipping two tie downs over - not to mention that wet watermasters will pick up all the sand and shit and you're going to have a messed up rental car.

Anyhow bud - good luck - sounds like you're a stubborn SOB and have a plan you're sticking to ;) Just plan for both options and see which one works best on the river!
Funny thing is I went for the escape in the end as it was too good a deal. In the end the $800 difference buys a lot of taco bus lunches!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll make a point of following up with a comment or two of how it worked out so that others contemplating the same situation are also helped.

Thanks to all.

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