Float tube/small boat anchor suggestion


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Tried something that worked really well on my U-boat. 5# Kettle weight from your favorite exercise equipment store. Large, hand-grip loop that's easy to loop your anchor line through. Vinyl coated and no sharp edges to poke holes. Handle doesn't let it roll around. Cost should be about $2.50 per pond and they have 5 and 10 pound models.

Some sort of trolley system would have been nice to keep me pointed the right way, but that I'll have to do on my kayak. The float tube is being retired. Not mobile, or fast, enough.


Float tube anchor trick a friend taught me: I keep a small mesh bag and some rope in a storage compartment on the tube. When I get to where I'm going I grab a few nearby rocks and put em in the bag. Adjust number of rocks as needed for wind, etc. That way I don't have to pack any extra weight if I'm hiking to a lake.

Ed Call

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Two lines, two mesh bags, few rocks in each and you've got a two anchor system for holding in place when chironomidbobberwatching at your local lake.