Swap Bass fly swap

I will be tying a Dahlberg diver. I am with Chris on letting it go through the weekend and/or cutting it off at 10. Looking forward to seeing what patterns will come from this swap.

I'm calling this one closed. I'll pass along my address in pm's.
I look forward to seeing them on June 15th.
Make sure to include a sase envelope.
Thanks for participating!

Mine will be in the mail just as soon as I can find a bigger mailer box than the Altoid tin I have been using. Guess I have not done very many bass swaps.


Hook: 3x strong 2x long 1/0 hook
Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 yellow ( I used 6/0)
Tails: 4 yellow saddle hackles tied 2 on each side of hook
Body tie in order: yellow bucktail, 4 strands of red crystal flash, orange bucktail, orange schlappen, 3 strands of orange/pearl flashabou, green bucktail.

Finish head with about 3 coats of hard head Loon Outdoors cement or 5 minute epoxy and create a clear bubble to the top of thread wraps. Make sure the cement or epoxy soaks into a bit of the green bucktail when coating.

Optional: add lead eyes for a different action on the retrieve.

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