NFR Suspected murderer "may be hiding outdoors" near North Bend


Bird Dogs and Fly Rods
Wow, heck of a bunker that guy built... listening to this on the radio right now and hoping they get him with no lives lost. Rattlesnake ridge... kinda spooky.


Canyon Lurker
yeah their not sayin how it ended, but he is dead. they ended up blowin the top of the bunker off, the blast may have done it or he may have done himself in. or it coulda been the gas they pumped in there to get him out.​
edit: never mind, guess they did release it. self inflicted gunshot​
im glad that he got to hold up in there like a scared rabbit, had time to think about all he did, realizing all his hundreds of hours of digging preparing and money spent on weapons was a waist.....


"Chasing Riseforms"
Quote from MSN below. 100 officers on hand????!!! I wonder how many it takes to screw in a lightbulb at the Sheriffs Office. :D

"Hostage negotiators were dropped Saturday morning by helicopter into the rugged site. They were among than 100 officers and volunteers from the King County Sheriff’s Office, the Seattle Police Department and other area agencies were on hand."