Wet Side Opening Day 2012

Took my girlfriend out at a local lake this morning to get her into her first fly caught trout. It was a success. She was a trooper waking up super early and being a little chilly, she listened to instruction well and most importantly had a lot of fun. We fished for about an hour or so and caught around 20 rainbows and 1 cutthroat from 8" to 16". I don't think she is hopelessly addicted to the sport as I am, or at least not yet but she had fun and that was cool to watch.


Yeah Nick they tried to get me to come in both days but I said I had trout fever and that I would not be coming in one way or another. Now next saturday that may be another story since I want to buy a new pontoon boat. Atomic Dog I will work on the smile. Ha ha I get so into trying to dial in the fish soimetimes I forget.


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Yeah plus I'm curious about lingcod. Never fished for them but the season opens tomorrow and I wouldn't mind doing some exploring around the area with my boat. On top of all that I also need to fit in hitting the trails on my mountain bike!
Yeah ill be out fishing lingcod tomorrow but with gear unfortunately. The area I fish there just is not enough fish especially shallow enough to consistantly hook them on fly gear. Headed to Neah Bay in June for that though.
I was planning to use gear too actually...thought it'd be easier while searching. I'll bring my flyrod along in case I find some SRC though. Sorry for taking your thread off topic.

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