Pflueger Medalist; What to look for...

That does look cool Preston.
A few years ago when I got interested and acquired some 6 & 7wt Fenwicks, I wanted a matching reel. So without a ton of research I found & bought an Akron 1495 70's vintage Medalist. As if on cue, a week later my father (cleaning out his shop) found and gave me a matching one. Neither are collectors items but they are as solid as new and I've put the onepfoot clutch in each of them for left hand wind. I also picked up a 1494 but haven't really assigned it to any rod yet. May not.
Fenwicks and Pfluegers were made for each other.
Hi David ... I too change over Medalists to LH retrieve ... excuse my ignorance, but what is a "onepfoot clutch"? Thanks!
Probably heresy but any thoughts on the new medalist? I handled one at a fly shop recently and was impressed; machined aluminum, palming rim, pawl drag. Thinking about replacing the Lamson on my switch rod with one. The 7/8 is 3-7/8" diameter, 1" spool width, 7.9 oz.; with a small arbor I think it would carry 100+ yards of backing with a 430 grain scandi.


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My first impression was sticker shock. Seems like a lot of money for a Medalist. However, on second look they are probably a good value when compared to other reels currently on the market.

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