If you were to buy one spey rod, what would it be?

I know everyone is going to have their own opinion and that is just want I want to hear. I am very interested in spey fishing, mostly for steelhead, but would love to hook into some chinook, coho and chum as well. I want to be able to cast heavy set ups (sink tip and weighted flies, but also some grease lining). I am will to spend up to $700 on a complete set up (I have a reel that would work, but I would need line(s)) so mostly looking at droping some coin into a rod.
Okay, so if you were to buy just one spey rod what would it be?
Do exactly as I did; call Bob Meiser & tell him what kind of fishing I do. He will question you pretty thoroughly and make a recommendation.
I got a rod and intergrated head/line for your budget (less than a new Sage or other premium mark).
One Spey rod!!?? The hell!

OK,theoretically I'd get the Meiser Highlander Classic fourteen foot 7/8/9 and match it with a Next Cast winter authority 55 9/10. A close second choice would be the T&T 1409-3.

Back here in the real world... I'd just keep my trusty 'ol Echo Classic 9140 with the same line.

If I was on a budget and looking for a new rod to do it all, it's probably be the TFO Deer Creek 9140.--AJ

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If you've never been spey fishing before, I'd plunk the coin on something cheap, and save the rest for lessons. There isn't a rod that is perfect for anyone, and spending $700 on a rod without having some experience is a waste. If you've got $700 that is entirely disposable, then Burkheimer would be my choice, though his rods weigh in at around $725 or so. But honestly I would stick to something like a TFO Deer Creek or Echo (Classic or TR) until you have more of an idea of what you like. Trust me, I used to think I liked super tippy rods and now I'm in a fast recovery/progressive kind of guy....


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You beat me to it...100% agreement.
Word. My favorite two hander by far. I've thrown everything from dries to 5 inch intruders with that thing, Scandi, Skagit, Longbelly, that rod does it all. I have not thrown any mid-spey lines or delta heads with it, but I would imagine it bombs those too.


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I agree with James; go with an upper end cheap rod and spend the rest on a nice reel and a lesson. If I were in your shoes I'd get a Echo TR---- great versatile rod.

Btw, has it become the standard response to recommended a Meiser when someone asks for the "best" rod. Its almost knee jerk on this site. There are a lot of great custom and commercial rods out there. Very little mention of Burkies. If I had $1000.00 to spend on a rod it definitely wouldn't be spent on a Meiser...sorry.
In that price range, I'll knee jerk it too. Call Bob.

I had the opportunity to cast a Greys' GRXi+, 13' 8wt. It cast very well for a rod in that less expensive price range. I agree that a lesser priced rod and lessons would go a long way starting out.

Figure on $150-200 getting running line, lines and tips.

I'll also add that an instructor with have several different rods for you to cast. Take a couple of lessons and try 'em out.


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If you don't have your own opinion, the most valuable opinions offered to you are those suggesting you just buy a cheap rod (any basic 13' 7/8 wt) and spend the rest on lessons until you develop your own preferences about what you like in a Spey rod. Then you'll be able to make an informed selection, something you won't be able to do no matter how many replies and suggestions you get in this thread.



Alex O'Brien
Z-Axis 8129 it is a great fit for the waters I fish and my casting stroke it can throw tips and junk as well as make super tight wind cutting cast with a scandi head
The question wasn't what "He should buy" but what "We would buy if we could only have "One" spey rod.

I think this question has lots of merit in deciding what he wants to try...Though to have real value an and "Why? needs to be asked.

For example: I stated the 7136z not because it's the best rod, but the most versital for my type of fishing, Sage has excellent warranty service...no matter how long you own the rod, it's beautiful, commonly available, and in my opinion in the top 5 of best 13' -14' 7wts a person can buy...perhaps even top three.

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