First time on Pass Lake (report)


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Fished Pass Lake for the first time on Sunday the 29th. Being used to the east side lakes, it was nice change of pass scenery wise and I really enjoyed the setting. It was not too crowded - when I arrived around 10am there were maybe a dozen or so guys on the lake. There was a "cluster" of boats in the middle section anchored up off what I later found out to be a large weedbed running parallel to the shore. There were also guys trolling around that same area. Longing for some solitude, I stayed close the launch and fished chiro's and bloodworms under an indicator in 14-16 feet of water for the first hour or so. There was a small hatch of mids coming off though most of the rises were coming much further out with ocassional rises closer to shore where I was anchored up. Managed only 3 takes (missed em all) and 1 fish to hand so I decided to explore a bit. Made my way to the opposite shore and anchored up near the bank in 8-10 feet of water in front of what appeared to be the lawn of someone's house. There was quite a bit of bug activity (seeing both emerging chiro's of various sizes and from time to time a callibeatis dun on the surface) and the fish were definitely on them- Riseforms suggested that they were "midging" and taking the callibeatis nymphs as they were swimming to the surface to emerge judging by the slashing or aggressive surface takes. Throat samples revealed the same- with 14-16 chromies and size 12 callibeatis nymphs being prominant amongst the food sources being taken. Small bloodworms were also evident in the sample and in fact, when I first arrived, I hit a nice run of 4-5 fish on my blood worm pattern within the first 20 minutes or so. When they stopped taking the bloodworm, I started picking up fish on different chromie patterns but had to switch it up more than I would have thought. As the riseforms became more and more aggressive, I changed tactics and started targeting those fish with various callibeatis patterns off a long leader- took fish on nymphs, emergers, and even on a parachute dun ( a guy fishing next to me was doing very well on a parachute pattern). Once that event died down, I switched back to fishing chiros under and indicator and as the day progressed, going smaller- much smaller- proved effective. There were some tiny bugs coming off and once the action on the chromies died, I started fishing size 22 olive mids and immediately started hooking fish. Only problem was I had only 2 patterns in my box and as luck would have it, both were lost when trying to land my 2 largest fish of the day. Before doing so, I managed to land a solid 20 inch bow and a smaller fish. Tried some other stuff but the bite seemed to stop once I stopped using the small 22 olive so I decided to explore a bit more. I ended up coming back to that same spot and hit another nice "mini-bite" of 4-5 fish on chromies in 8-10 feet of water, including another nice bow close to 20". On my way back to the launch I hit a few more fish before calling it a day. A good day on the water - it would be fun to fish it with someone who really knows the lake well but I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot in the process.
Great write-up. If that was your first time at Pass you have been fishing along time to be able to figure it out so quickly. I cant even see or tie anything smaller that a size 18.
Thanks for the report. Its looking like ill have a kid free weekend so as long as I'm not working I plan to hit Pass at least one of the days, if not both
Pontoon and a yellow hat if I remember. We had it pretty darn good in that spot. The lake is fishing really strong right now and you happened along at the perfect time on Sunday. My friends in the boat and I were hanging out down there waiting for those mayflies to pop about then. The hatch showed a little late but turned on like a light once it got going. Good stretch of shoreline for those, and glad you were hooking up like that...about as much fun as you can have for 2 hrs.

Great report! Thanks for that and I'll say hello next time I see you..


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