NFR Spring Training Camp for bird hunters and dogs!

Steve J.

Red's Fly Shop
Hi guys,

By special request from a number of clients, we have organized a special training session with master trainer Pat Murphy, of Northwest Performance Dogs, in Monroe WA on Saturday May 19th. Pat has worked extensively with all breeds of hunting dogs on pointing and retrieving techniques for 26 years now. This course is NOT about Pat taking your dog for private training and disappearing. It is about Pat working with YOU and your dog to identify specific areas you should work on at home, and ultimately make you a better team in the field. This course is offered as a morning session or an afternoon session. Each session is limited to 5 participants, with instruction focused towards the entire group, and dogs being rotated one at a time ensuring individual training time and work over live Roosters and pigeons if necessary for younger dogs. This is a great opportunity to work out a glitch that may have developed with your older dog last season, get your young pup on a plan to ensure quality field time this season, or simply fine tune your dog that is already on the right track!

Cost $199 per Bird Hunter/Dog Team includes work over live birds and lunch

More details here:

This course is designed specifically to teach you to be a better dog owner. Whether you have a lab, pointer, setter, or spaniel, you will come away from this day with a better appreciation of team chemistry required between you and your dog to be successful in the field!

Call the shop to book your slot: 509-933-2300; or email me with additional questions:

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Damn!! Don't miss this, you guys! I can't partake this time, thanks to the foot rebuild, but I hope you'll have this as an annual thing, Steve; It certainly wouldn't hurt my spoiled rotten hounds!