Bear Lake, Yakima

I took my boys out for an adventure today and I wanted to go somewhere I hadn't been before, so we aimed for Bear lake off Hwy 12. It's in an area called the Oak Creek Wildlife area and it is kind of a scenic place as you mostly follow a rushing, little stream in a river valley ascending through many different vegetative zones. The road is nice gravel, but has tons of washboards which really annoyed me and my sedan. We ended up wasting about an hour on a jeep track which was atrocious due to bad google directions. Then we got sidetracked at several ponds which were not the lake, and finally found Bear lake around 2:30 (we had to walk across a meadow to get there as there was about a foot of snow on the road there).

It is a somewhat scenic mountain lake area, but there is a lot of litter there, and the fish that WDFW claims it stocked there are nowhere to be found, though I saw one of two small trout around 6 inches and that was it. Overall, it is not worth the bother to come here, there are a lot of camping areas on the drive up that might be worth spending a night at to get out, but undoubtedly the lake will soon be infested with lowlifes and teenagers and remain occupied for the rest of the season. I wonder if the creek itself might be a fishing destination though, but there will probably be lots of rattlesnakes soon feasting on the multiple squirrels and chipmunks I saw there.


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I used to fish that little lake and camp there with my lowlife highschool buddies in the late 80's. I used to walk out on the log and jig a bugger between the branches and hork 10" planters out - 3 second fights. Fun times.
This Lake is actually pretty good fishing. And you're right about the trash, I've ran into quite a few people up there that really just don't care. The lake is good to fish from Summer to late fall. The State does stock this lake, nothing of size i've ever caught, 12"-14" on a good day. It does take some preparation to find it, as most GPS maps eventually find it- and it is up there quite a ways. That sucks you had a bad experience, but don't be discouraged over it- I suggest giving it another chance, and like I do, take a bag of trash home with you- it really is a pretty area.


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o man you dont even know the size of some holdover brookie plants in there. if you can get out on that lake after they first open OC on may 1st but before they plant it theres some nice ones to be caught. after its stocked theres brookies, bows, and cutts but all tiny

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