First fly to kick off Summer Steelhead???

So I found myself organizing my steelhead box last night strategizing my plan of attack for the upcoming week. We all have our go to flies depending on water, weather, etc. I was imagining a day of sunshine and short sleeves with beautiful low clear water.... I was thinking do I start out with something simple like a purple peril or do I attack from the top and go skating? Which leads me to my question: What is going to be your first fly of choice on June 1st?

Good luck to all!



Workin in a sweet mullet
Its going to have to be the muddler that ole BOBLAWLESS tied up for the swap, first skated, then swung down low.
If that doesnt work (I am sure it will :)), I am going to try Sharp Steelie's "magical" 20-fish-a-day-fly.

Bob Triggs

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Homer, this would require that you get up off of your butt and actually go to a river and fish...

Are you ready for that?

Big K1

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I am torn between Lemire's Greaseliner and a Waller Waker. Follow up will be a green butt skunk.:thumb

Hey Bob T. are you ready to sell that Skagit Specialist yet?:smokin


Jerry Daschofsky

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Actually, I'm making a promise to myself to try my good friends favorite fly (it's his moniker too). He actually has his own beat on the river spey. A few of you know of him. It's a Willie Gunn. Good looking fly. Simple, and sure would be effective here (know it works down on the Rogue). But have made a point to use it this year.
Visions of low, clear late-summer flows may be haunting our imaginations now, but the reality that usually confronts us in early June is higher water carrying its share of color. (Of course, this year may be different; they say the Cascade snow pack is a month ahead of usual schedule, and we're likely to have another draught-plagued late summer.)
I carry a separate box of early summer flies, mostly heavy-wire 2's and 4's, with a lot of bead heads or eyes.


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My choice will consist of Stimulators and Steelhead Bees, but also some Stonefly Nymphs, Muddlers and sparsely dressed streamers.

OK, that's more than one, who could choose just one?

I will be concentrating on surface action with skating/waking flys though, if water levels stay as they are right now.


Big K1

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Steelheader 69,

I know Willie Gunn. He just sent me a reel and a few little bottles of single malt.:7 He is a really nice guy and a fishaholic in the true sense.
Good choice SH69.



The dumb kid
-orange or black bomber
-bobs muddlers ( god those things are awsome, i got a 28" dolly on surface with one out of lake wenatchee)
-some tube flys in black/white/pink combos if the water is off-colored
-small nymphs in a 12-14 for when the water goes CLEAR. we all know that CLEAR.
- size 7 jackson hook marabous and buggers for off colored

and my go to:
- size 10 bh stilly smoker.