Martin Reels in Clear Bubble Package?

Got a friend that has couple old Martin reels probably 90s vintage. They are in clear bubble packages not the blue boxes I have seen other older martin reels. They look kind of like a medalist but not nearly as nice. I don't know if they were made in USA or not. Does anybody know much about them? I think he only wants 10 apiece so I might pick them up regardless for users.
Got the two reels today on my way home from work. Both are marked 65 on the backs although the one with the black reel came in the package marked 61. The one with the silver reel is also screwed together and the markings are stamped whereas the black reel is riveted together with printed markings. Both spools interchange. Packages are marked c1991. I thought he would let 'em go for 10 before but talked him down to 11 apiece from 12.87.