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Curt, I think there is room for both!
The Commission meeting the weekend of the 12th and the Occupy on the 20th.


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WW -
I agree there is room for both!

In thinking aloud I thought having the river event first would allow for the building of momentum for the Commission meeting. Also I'm assuming that the river event would likely be more heavily attended and those going to the commission meeting could pass themselves as representing the larger group. Either order works for me.

Kerry -car pooling makes sense.

With the recent election and now this I'm having "flashbacks" to my youth in the .


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great idea including the commission meeting. i am down for both as the impact of the puget sound closures have impacts throughout western washington and an open season with strict c&r regs would not only bring money into the local economy but keep the history of these rivers fresh and create the next generation of people willing to fight for wild steelhead.

Occupy Skagit

I started this thread as more of an exploratory venture, something to gauge interest and attitudes about the concept of a peaceful plea for, I don't know, maybe public recognition of something that was once great but is now lost. So far lots of good stuff has surfaced. As Kerry observed, if 2 people participate then it doesn't get noticed. If 200, 250, 300, or more do it then it has a chance to become an event that gets noticed. And if it gets noticed, then perhaps, just maybe, something will change.

I have no illusions that 100 fly fisherman 'complaining' in public will carry the same weight as 100 commercial fisherman with an agency mandated to “to maintain the economic well-being and stability of the fishing industry in the state” but only required to “attempt to maximize the public recreational game fishing” <----- That last part right there...that's us folks. We are not getting “maintained” we are just getting “attempted” ... or as my pappy used to say, “We suckin' that 'hind titty boy!”

Anyway, enough of all that same old news that everyone knows. Let's try to move ahead with the topic of conversation.

Which is - Occupy Skagit.
What is it? A peaceful gathering.
Why is it? A chance to say something while we pretend to fish.
When is it? Probably April 20th 2013
Where is it? Duh....

Important things to know:

The date was not chosen to coincide with any “dope event” “beer fest” “astronomical alignment” or “UFO Arrival” It was chosen because it is a Saturday in late April and hopefully the weather will be nice...but if you must find some deeper meaning then consider that it's close to Earth day which is also my birthday :)

This is not a “Fish In” In all likelihood the river will be closed and if you tie on a hook you may be charged with poaching and receive a free ride in an enforcement vehicle. I will not be fishing in any way, shape, or form. I plan to have no hooks on my person or in my vehicle. My plan is to test the durability and airflow dynamics of various materials as they relate primarily to the double and single spey cast in a real world situation.

Bring your waders. This is not a lawn event.

How to do it. Show up, suit up, walk in to your favorite spot and pretend to fish. Be sure to wave, smile, and generally be friendly to everyone you might see. You know, have fun! Then go to another spot and do it again...just like real fishing. :)

Respect private property at all times.
I haven't finished reading through this thread. I love this idea, though, and have one thought.

In response to the fact that the WDFW is required to "maintain" economic well-being of commercial fishers--what if everyone who showed up to "Occupy" the Skagit also brought with them a quick run-down of all the money they've spent for that trip (on waders, flies, fly materials, rods, food, line, clothes, etc.) and where they've spent that money? We could have a quick run-down, on the river, that shows our economic impact, and tie those numbers to the people actually on the river in that moment. If done right, it seems like it could be a pretty powerful statement. Just a thought.


Just checked and occupyskagit.com is available to anyone wanting to maybe lock it down. I'd do it, but I know nothing about creating and maintaining websites.

Also, if there is a desire to create visibility and cohesiveness re: shirts/clothing, it might make sense to have shirts for the event in Olympia, and easily recognizable hats for the Occupy on the river, as folks might cover up shirts with waders and coats.

I think this is great. I've never fished the Skagit, though it "occupies" a special place in my dreams of steelhead fishing. Even if this proves to be my first chance to "fish" the Skagit, I look forward to it.

If the hippies can organize themselves and change the law to allow them to smoke weed in Washington, we should be able to organize ourselves in order to legalize Catch and release fishing on the Skagit. Just saying :)
Does this include the Sauk as well as the Skagit. Hell...I wouldn't mind spending a day swinging (with no fly on the end of my line, of course) the run below the mouth of the Suiattle, in plain site of everyone driving past on Highway 530.


Does this include the Sauk as well as the Skagit. Hell...I wouldn't mind spending a day swinging (with no fly on the end of my line, of course) the run below the mouth of the Suiattle, in plain site of everyone driving past on Highway 530.


This is what I think should be shown to the media etc. A bunch of guys loving the Skagit and it's runs so much, that they are willing to stand in it's beautiful runs and swing flies with no hooks attached. Then have the slogan (I think WW came up with) about how we can pretend to fish for spring steelhead just like the WDFW can pretend to manage the steelhead in the rivers.

30 -50 guys lined up close together swinging flies in a bunch of runs would look pretty awesome, and would get some attention. Just brain storming here :)
Check out Occupy Skagit on FaceBook and Like the Page - its under construction a bit but its a start - Kerry I need a real good cover Photo for the page - your the man for that. Thank you

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