Maintenance Tips for Rotomolded Boats


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Hello, I've recently come into possession of a couple of "plastic" boats and was wondering what I should use to maintain them. This is for a rotomolded Obrien 8ft boat and another rotomolded pram. Obviously, the boats should be hosed down after use and otherwise cleaned, and I'm assuming I should avoid storing them in direct sunlight. But should I be doing anything to the plastic in between trips? I was thinking about applying car wax to the hull to protect it a little more from scratches. etc., but I don't know if the chemical compounds in auto wax might cause ill effects with plastic. Any suggestions? Or should I not worry about it?




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We've had 3 rotomolded kayaks since 2006 and have performed NO maintenance on them during that time. We keep them in a storage space out of daylight and that's it. A few scratches from rocks and barnacles, but no other problems.

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Just continue keeping them out of the sun when not in use. Some folks on kayak forums have recommended using expensive stuff like "303 Aerospace Protectant" to prevent or diminish UV damage to the hulls of rotomolded polyethylene boats.
303 is expensive stuff, and I feel that its unnecessary to use it on a rotomolded polyethylene boat if one is careful to store said boat in the shade. However, if you leave your poly boat stored in the sun or on the shore, maybe it would be a good idea to treat it.


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As others have said, not storing a rotomolded boat in sunlight is the main thing.....the only other issue can be how you store the boat 'torsionally'. If you store it on its side against a wall, or in slings up against the rafters (where I store my kayaks), in a hot environment you can permanently distort the craft unless its weight is well distributed. I use a minimum of 4 slings per boat. Hanging them horizontally from each end would be a bad idea, though using a pair of rigid crossbeams to support a boat upside down is just fine.

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