any suggestions on a good 6wt floating line?

I am new to this, still practicing,I have a cheap 6wtff flyline,I figure I got what I paid for!! was thinking of the new cortland555! are there any other good lines ?? any comments would certainly help me out in my search!! thanks johnny v. :HMMM


I just got the new Rio Grande. It loads the rod nicely and cast great. The fixed loop is also nice to loop a leader onto, it also serves as a mini indicator.
All I can sy is this: get the wulff triangle taper floater
and consider yourself lucky somebody cared.
This line duz what you need for casting,presenting and fighting


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The Cortland 555 is a great line and getting rave reviews. I bought one for my 6 wt. and it casts very well. My thought on this is I am not sure I am a good enough caster that the 555 makes much difference. I think I could get just as good of a cast with a lesser line. Maybe someone who is a more proficient caster than I could get more benefit from the 555. I guess what I am saying is, if you are a beginner, maybe a 444 would be just as good for you and you could save a bit of money.



I think that you have to make up your own mind on what you want. What works for some one else might not work for you. I usually try to read up on what I'm going to buy so I think that I'm going to get my moneys worth. All of my fly lines are Cortlands. I like them. Jim S.