Black Ranger (Kelson) 4/0

Generally happy with how this one came out. Wing could be better aligned, body smoother, horns longer, topping lower and longer yada yada yada

Dressing as follows

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Harrison Bartleet 4/0
Tip: Fine oval tinsel
Tag: Yellow Floss
Butt: Ostrich herl
Tail : Topping and Indian Crow (sub)
Body: Black floss
Rib: Med Silver tinsel oval and black hackle from second turn
Throat: Blue hackle
Wing: 2 jungle cock back to back extending beyond 2 overlapping GP tippet, topping over
Cheeks: Chatterer (sub)
Horns: Blue Macaw
Head: Black wool

Very nice Ranger Eunan, and on one of my favorite hooks. You are making giant leaps in your ASF's with each tie, keep it up, I think we all enjoy and appreciate your efforts. The first thing I noticed is your rib is wound counter clockwise, don't know if it matters, just something I noticed. Thanks for posting.

Thanks Mark,

The rib...well it wasnt tied in properly and when i wound it clockwise, there was some of the inner material showing, so i wound it that the white would be under the hook, from the other size it looks good.
Not that i think it matters too much, but i do usually wind them clockwise!

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