Fishing today


Left handed Gemini.
Excellent day to get out and fish, arrived at the lake about 8am one gear guy and that was it and he left before I ever got ready a little later one guy showed up and that was it till the afternoon when a couple of guys showed up total bodies on the water at one time 3 very nice. Fish were rising and willing started with a soft hackle black silver rib caught a bunch on that but it didn't last long tried a few other colors caught fish but mostly because of movement I think, the fish were feeding close to the surface and I caught more on other patterns as I tried to find what they were keying in on but once again it was the whole movement thing nothing I tried was consistent until I tried a chironomide emerger pattern, that gave me a good hour of steady action with a fish on as quick as I could hook, play, land, and recast but it was only an hour but it was the best hour of the day, I put on my sinking line and a small leech pattern caught a few more before leaving satisfied with the fish I caught, most were larger holdovers I caught quite a few fish but I never managed to figure out what they were keying in on except for that one hour so it's back to the bench to tie up a few patterns that I think might work if the circumstances hold for yet another week, we'll see
Nice report Tony.
I had a similar day, but fished a different technique and lake. I was just hoping the weather guys were wrong about the t-storms while I fished with my new chironomid pattern down deep (surface temp was 51°). I think the weather change was a difference, made the fishing tougher and a challenge. I left work early and fished from 12:30-5:00.
The sun peeked out occasionally and had a slight breeze, but overall it was overcast. That should have made for great fishing, instead it was just mid teens of C&R. Most were caught by 2:30 then by 4:30 they just disappeared. Still beats sitting at the office and wishing for that tug.
I did like having the lake pretty much to myself as others left by 2:30 except for 1 float tube.
I got off early and planned to throw poppers at largemouth. When me and a friend got to the lake a monster thunderstorm was right on it. We tried to outrun it to the river, but no go there either. Sometimes ya just gotta accept fate:(

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