Waxworm imitations.

Was watching a young fellow tie up some waxworm imitations. It looked a lot like a brass bead head
chironomid to me. I am not being critical of his tie, I am just wondering in my mind if the fish could be taking the waxworm for a chironomid type fly. He tied it with a brass bead head, lead wrap/white dub body and peacock collar. No rib. That is what made me think of chironomid. A wax worm shows bands around the body. At least the ones that I have seen.
I suppose if the fish like it, it doesn't really matter.

I have been thinking of taking my lightweight gear and fishing for some pan fish this summer. Think some terrestrials and grubs might be a good choice. I am thinking that a size 10 hook, with a lead wire wrap underbody/white wool yarn body and a copper wire rib. Simple tie. Think I might try it.

Brad Niemeyer

Old School Member
Size 10 is a bit large for panfish. I'd go smaller like 12 or 14. There have been some good threads on panfish on the warm water section. Rasmussen is a good place to get 'em. Cottage has crappie (if you can find them). Crescent is also good and close by.

I go with soft hackles, but they will certainly grab chronimid imitations and terrestrials. Popper/dropper works very well.

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