Allen hooks?


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I see that Allen is a site sponsor and has great prices on their hooks. I am getting ready for another hook order and wonder if anyone is willing to share their experiences / opinions with these?
I pretty much exclusively use these hooks for fishing flies. Sometimes the eyes aren't straight or closed properly, but that is <1% off all the hooks i've bought from them ...over 1000.
These flies were tied on AFF3769 ( though i think the code is now changed - they are wet fly hooks)

and these on the S401(size 4 6xl)
Ditto what SF and MB said.....
I have replaced most of my fly hooks with Allen fly hooks. Great value for sure and you get some nice fly boxes with hook orders over $30 or more. I've had the same experience as SF with a small percentage of them having some kind of defect, but the value outweighs the small amount of defects.
Plus, their customer service is top notch. They always respond quick to any emails and are fast to rectify any concerns or order problems you might have. Great bunch of people.

However, there's still some hooks I need that Allen does not have available. I buy the other hooks from the local Flyshop when visiting to buy materials and such. You gotta support your local Flyshops when ya can too....;)
love the hooks i get enough to get those free fly boxes which is a deal those are some good quality fly boxes to i think now though its discounted instead of free but still quality boxes like that some good prices mostly all my hooks come from allen now
My experience with Allen Fly Fishing is very different. Christmas 2010 he offered a "deal" you send him $150 and you were supposed to get back discounted merchandise (hooks, reel, etc.) over the course of a year. I sent the money, and got nothing. We corresponded, he made excuses, I still got nothing. I understand that starting a small business is difficult (especially in this economy) but using this site to rip off customers is inexcusable. If you decide to deal with the company, BE VERY CAREFUL.


Allen Fly Fishing
Hi Dave, If you have not ordered yet and would like some sample packs I would be happy to send you a few packs. Send me an email at Glad to see all of you using our hooks. We are expanding our line to another 23 hooks in the near future.

I'd like to address the post above mine #11. I agree with the issue, I wont deny that. Sometimes when you start something the mental thought process is not always worked out in every direction. If I took more time to think about it, I would have never done that special. 2009-10 was an exciting part of the business and growth.

Taking something from nothing to a running company is a fantastic feeling. For me it was being able to give people jobs. However, not all things and customers were treated fairly when I started due to being overwhelmed. This is what lead me to take on some help to prevent those same things from happening in the future. Taking on Evan in Jan of 2011 was a great addition to help reorganize the company from a start up to what it is now.

We have traveled the country for the last 6 months meeting current and new customers and those that were not happy when I first started. Being able to meet them in person was great and lead many of them back to AFF after we worked out the past issues. We will be in Spokane in July and I'll be looking forward meeting some of you aswell. In 2013 we will also be in Seattle for an Expo.

Since then I have moved my warehouse to Dallas Texas and have a full time person doing shipping. We ship same day or next day on all orders. The worst deal that I have ever done (2010 Christmas deal) was sold to 12 people. I have completed the deal with many. Coastal Cuttroat, I'd be happy to send you a refund. Send me an email at and I will take care of it.

If anyone has reservations, please give me a call anytime 574-855-7100. We can also be reached via email at (Justin), (Evan), and, Warehouse) and I'm on live chat most the time in the evenings. AFF is a different and well organized company now than when I was doing all myself as a start up.

Thanks for your time,

Allen Fly Fishing