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Alex MacDonald

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is there a thread on float tubes? I'm thinking of getting one, and would like to see what other people think of tubes like the super fat cat?
I have a fat cat with the foam seat. I like the firm seat and seat back as opposed to the inflatabe seat and back. The fat cats sit nice and high due to the tube size and seat position. The upturned bow and storage in the bow portion is nice too.
You can really trick them out with Scotty anchor system, Scotty rod holders and a holster for a fishing buddy fish finder.
I have kept mine simple no accessories, I like just getting to the lake and throwing the boat in the water and going fishing.
In the summer I just put my fins on over an old pair of tennis shoes and wear a pair of shorts.
The fat cat weighs just 12# and has d-rings on the bottom so you can attach back pack straps to it for hiking in to a lake.
I think fhishing from a float tube is the most effective way of fishing lakes.


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I had an old style tube that I used for a couple of years until I figured out it could be death trap. Mine was the doughnut style and I would not recommend that style. If you get one, get a U shaped one; much safer.

With that said I agree with jesse. Likely the most effective fishing craft around for small lakes/ponds and hike ins.


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Alex, I have a few types you can borrow if you want to try some if this bloomin' wind ever dies down! I have a Fat Cat, a U and a donut so it will give you a good sampling.

Just curious though, are you planning on doing some hike-ins and want something lighter than the WM? For me, that is about the only time I would pick a tube over a WM or pontoon and as you know, if I can wheel in, I still don't take a tube if I don't have to, lol!


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I pretty much agree with Jesse except for the foam seat part. I had the foam seat and threw it away after I tried the inflateable model. If you can, check out both types and see which feels the best. I will catch more fish out of my Super Fat Cat than my pontoon boat and way more out of my pontoon boat than my pram.

You can find the back straps on line for a few bucks and if you walk in often I would recommend a waist strap as well. It really stabilizes the boat if you are walking over uneven terrain. The standard pocket system on the SFC will hold a spare rod pointed backwards and out of the way. I have never needed a dedicated rod holder as my active rod is always in my hand. The holster for a Fishin'Buddy is really a nice piece. I took an 8'' section out of the shaft of my FB and now it is much easier to transport and doesn't drag bottom in shallow water.

I have about 10 hard years on my SFC and no problems yet. I think they are still guaranteed for 5 years which is probably one of the best warranties on the market. Just one of the nicest tubes around.


Bill Aubrey

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I had a super fat cat and loved it. The inflatable seats were good for all day use and you could adjust the firmness. Those tubes are extremely well made. I used the heck out of mine and when I sold it, it looked brand new.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Thanks Sue; more for the small package in small lakes, less "stuff" to lug around. We're thinking about driving down to Bend to do some lake fishing. Tandy's got a float tube she's never used! I'll send a pm as soon as this weather decides to return to Spring!

Mike Monsos

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I bought a WW Griggs Pond Tube about 8 years ago now and I am real happy with it. The Fat cats are much higher quality but for just over $100 this fit my needs. I'm 175 lbs and I feel it supports me well, if you carry more weight I'd go with the FC's. But for packing in the PT rolls up about the size of a medium sleeping bag, inflatable seat and back and not bad for weight, you can also inflate it by mouth pretty easily.


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Freestone's got me thinking why blow over $400 bucks on one when I can just row the Watermaster? Dunno, maybe it's gonna be a toss up betewen that and a new Walther PPK-S carry gun; the Sig's a bulky, heavy thing!


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Freestone's got me thinking why blow over $400 bucks on one when I can just row the Watermaster? Dunno, maybe it's gonna be a toss up betewen that and a new Walther PPK-S carry gun; the Sig's a bulky, heavy thing!
aaaaaaa, I don't see the argument here. Get the Walther.:cool:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Alex, I have a Uboat and the round donut tubes. I've never had the super fat cat, but I like the small lake style pontoons over a floattube. You know, the small 6' pontoons. Sit literally just on top of the water, designed to simply use fins, but have those flimsy oars as an extra propulsion. I had the caddis version years ago. I picked up the small bucks bag similar to them a bit ago. Have used it for that purpose (I've used it once, soldiers have used it a few times). I'd take Sue up on her offer before you buy any.


John or "LC"
I have a SFC with the inflatable seat and I think I'd prefer the harder seat too. If I were to do it over again I'd go with the SuperCat. I'm not a big fan of the SFC but it's light and well designed. I just strongly prefer pontoons.

Take heed about the warning of the donut tubes being death traps. They look innocent and are super comfy but if you turtle you could get in big trouble if you don't have a knife on you and ready. I did have a friend turtle in a SFC a few years ago and we almost lost him. Since then, I have worn an inflatable life vest every time on the water. For $100 you can get a decent one and like your Gore Tex waders you'll forget you're wearing it.

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