Keechelus Questions

I am wondering if the John Wayne/Iron Horse trail on Keechelus lake might be a good place to take my kids for a short hike/picnic/fishing trip. I haven't been on the trail myself, when we went before we parked down by the dam and accessed the lake by walking on top of it and climbing down the front, but I don't know if that's allowed or not.

Is the sno park parking lot by Hyak open in the summer, and if so does it require a pass now to park there, and how far would we have to walk down the trail to get close to the lake??
I can't speak to the fishing at Keechelus. If you want easy access to the John Wayne trail take the Sampede Pass exit go south for about a mile, then turn right there should be a sign to Lost Lake. This will take you to the south side of the dam and you will cross the trail at that point.

Good Luck