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So i am still pretty new to the world of spey casting. I must say it is fucking awesome! I have been doing pretty well casting when the river is running from right to left, how ever I am having a huge problem when the river is runing the other direction. I am right handed. Can anyone help me out a little ( different casts) ? Thanks


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Tp, by the direction I'd almost guess you're a 'lefty.' What you're facing is called 'Dominate Hand.' If you're a righty, that's the one that will be on the top cork, etc. Two, well three, choices:

1. Practice, practice, practice non-dominate hand up;
2. Practice, which a lot of folks actually do casting 'cack-handed. Awkward, but it does work;
3. Choose, here's what I do, cast's that work for you best River Right or River Left.

To give you an over blown example of #3 .. the Snake Roll. (And I can cast reasonably well with either hand on top.) River right NO PROB-LEMMOOO. River Left .. furgetaboutit, brain/body just doesn't want to go there. You just adjust to a cast that works in those situations. Think the term is "Arrow's in your Quiver." Or some-such.


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You are doing something right. You are already posting grinnin' steelhead pics. That is more than I have done in awhile.

My mentor used to say three things to me when I was learning to cast.

Slow down.
Slow down. and
Slow down.
ya like I said with the river going to the left i can shoot line and cast pretty good but to the right my brain was not working........

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