GIS Assessment of Bull Trout Habitat on the Methow


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Thanks guys! The full report on the website has a lot of "interesting" data too. Also I'm looking for a GIS job in the region so if any of you know of any opportunities I would love to hear about them. Thanks,



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Thank you for the great info! Hopefully your hard work benefits you and the bull trout. Best of luck!
Very cool. Nice to see fellow GIS people on this site as well. Nicely made maps and analysis. I hope you are able to pass the data onto group that could use it for restoration purposes.
Very cool deal! Great use of your skills in combination with a passion for the fish. Good read, bookmarked. I also enjoy the well cited sources, stuff to read or re-read in the future!


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Where does one take GIS courses

What prerequisites are needed?

I took them as part of a GIS minor at WWU but I know UW has a program as well. Prerequisites are some basic stats classes, map reading classes and geography classes.
UW has a certificate program as well as a masters program. Green River Community College has an certificate and associates degree available. I am not sure what schools on the east side of the state offer GIS but I assume WSU has some kind of program in place.

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