line suggestions for an echo TR

just picked up my first spey its a 13'6" 8wt echo TR. Right now its lined with a skagit flight 575 and i've got a couple MOW tips 10' t-11, and 5&5 t-11. i love it so far and i feel as long as salmon and steelies are running that's all i'll be fishing with so i figured i'd get a couple different head suggestions.
Try a skagit compact 630 on it.

Though it may be a little heavy depending on your casting.

Panhandle, what weight skagit compact do you use on yours?



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ECHO tr8136 - Tim and co. have 630 down as the suggested starting point, but I really like it with a 600. You can throw pretty much any fly/tip combo with the 600.
I'd say stick with the skagit flight. The extra length of the skagit flight will be a better match to your 13'6'' rod, compared to the skagit compact IMO. Another skagit head isn't going to change the situations you can fish, so save up for a different kind of line. Maybe a mid belly line like a delta or a Uni spey for big river summer runs like on the Thompson, Babine, Clearwater etc.

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