Who to go to get a custom rod built?


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Here in the Tri-cities Joe Kassuba at hisrodshop.com in kennewick is a great person to work with.

I've built two rods with his guidance, and he has done some repairs for me on other rods.

In the past, I've got a pretty good range of quality/price from The Hook and Hackle Co....they were local to me when I started building my own (http://www.hookhack.com/), but try your local shop first...they'll usually make you a good deal on quality stuff...come to think of it, I don't fish a rod I haven't built myself!
your a bit far but i've heard nothing but GREAT things about greg's custom rods they'll build it or for $30 you can build it yourself during classes... This is actually going to be a birthday present to myself to build my own 2wt in august :)
Hi all,
not sure if this is the right place but i'm wondering if getting a custom rod built will be cheaper than buying one from the manufacturer?

specifically i'm looking at a zaxis, or ONE.


Cheaper?Heck yes.I`m on my 5th one now.All Meisers except one.
It`s a lot of fun to fish with your own creation too.

I had Cedric Knuckey,a guy in Minnesota [sells on the bay thing too]
build me an exquisite Z-Axis a couple yrs ago for around $450.
It`s warranted for life...I know this to be true since I busted 3 tips now [!]-got to pay $50 plus shipping.

But,for $300 you can by the whole kit for Meiser and do it yourself,that what I`d do anyway....good luck


Call Greg's Custom Rods and tell him what you're thinking. Price, build, etc. If he can do it cheaper, he'll tell you. Either way you'll get a straight answer.

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