forks of the snoqualmie?

Its not worth the trip.
Try about late may to mid june.
Even then it's debatable. I always find egg and worm cans amongst the trash on the shore. Not to mention scoes of trailer trash & gunslingers & other undesireables & inter-city spill-over.
Nevertheless, I can't deny that I've been known to occaisionally
go anyway.
I live on the South Fork and fish all the forks reguarly during the spring and summer.
The fishing this time of the year is slow due mostly to water temperatures being to cold for the fish to be very active. Another reason is that most of the fish move out of the main rivers and into the tributaries during the winter months to avoid the high waters.
However if we get some consistently warm days you will see the temperatures rise and fish start to become more active. You will also start to see hatches of flies starting to come off. I saw a big caddis fly just the other afternoon.
Look for the fishing to start picking up mid May and on the lower sections of the rivers first. Hope this helps and enjoy the Forks of the Snoqualmie.

The Wulff

The Wulff


Drove up in that area yesterday Just for the drive. The S/Fork and the N/Fork were clear amd the M/Fork was dirty as usual. The N/Fork was a little high. I'm starting to get the itch to go out and do a little stream fishing. Jim :COOK


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Went for a hike over the weekend at Twin Falls State Park. Talked to a guy fishing near the park, he said he had caught one rainbow. As we were talking, down goes his indicator and he proceeded to land a 12-inch fish. They are out there.....


I hate to say this,but using an indicator is a little like fishing with a bobber. What ever happened to fish by feel. I know that I'll probly end up using one because this seem the way to go. Just had to add my .02. Jim
I'm confused. Are the forks of the snoq open? When did they change the regs? I've been out of the country for the past several years and as a result assumed that the N, M, and S forks were only open from June through October. Please someone set me straight?
The regs say that the North and South forks are open for trout from June 1st to October 31 with selective gear rules. It is open for all game fish from November 1st to May 31st with selective gear and catch and release. So my understanding is that the north and south are open pretty much year round as long as you catch and release, and follow the selective gear rules.
The middle is open year round for catch and release with selective gear rules.
Hope this helps.
This one I know because I lobbied hard for it. The Middle Fork is open year around for C&R with Selective Gear Rules. The river from the falls up has the same rules for the main stem and N. and S. Forks from Nov. 1-May 31. From June 1 -Oct. 31 it is still Selective Gear Rules but you can kill two fish 10" or greater on the N and S Forks as well as the main river above the falls before it branches into the Forks. The reason for the change is because no anadromous fish can get above the falls and the trout population above is self sustaining having not been planted since the 70s. Also the fish mature at a smaller size and spawn at something like 9". By the way, just for bragging rights, I have actually caught and released a measured 19" cutt in one of the forks and it was caught on a dry fly.
This was a topic of discussion a month or two ago and the conclusion was the same as bradb's. Just to be safe I stopped by the WDFW booth at the sportsman show last month and specifically asked about the Forks They confirmed that you can fish the Forks all year long with catch and release and selective gear rules.

Of course with all the rain we have been getting they may not be fishable until June 1st.
Thanks all!!! Wouldn't it be nice if all the regs and the options were this clear - open season all year long on all waters for C&R with barbless flies... any other gear subject to exceptions, save of course selective breeds (those on endangered species tables) or during critical spawning seasons. But am I dreaming or what. :COOK