NFR McDonald's Recycling???????

Charles Sullivan

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Don't go to McDonald's. I have not been in over 10 years. I'm not missing a thing.

Samo pretty much nailed it. If cheap and convenient is what you want go to McDonalds. If you care about sustainability or health get a CSA share and buy you beef locally.

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Ever see a garbage truck at Mcds?

I'm pretty sure the stuff gets recycled. All of it. At night, the stuff goes into a big grinder in the back. The paste then gets some different additives added to it then where it then eventually goes through an extruder. One for bags, another for cups and trays, a bit of flavoring and a colour change and you get a burger, milkshake, apple pie etc etc. Its all good...


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Here they come again...right on cue. (Kerry, its back to the washroom for you)

In addition to household waste, I recycle hatchery fish for extra credits :eek:

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