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Just got back from a 10 day stint in the eastern high plains lakes of Oregon. plans were to fish thief again, then a secret little lake bakerite told me about and unity res. over past baker city.

My friend Derek Dahms was to meet and camp with me for 3 days so I needed to test some lakes to see which would produce the most fun. started with secret lake with fish to 16 or 17 inches but it just wasent what I was looking for. it was a smallish lake and the fish didn't seem to be good biters, more set-up for searching and casting then indi's and mids, I did hook a couple nice fish around 2 1/2 pounds and some smaller but decided to try theif valley res. the next day to see if any fish were left from the slaughter all spring long.

To my amazement it was still fishing well, not quite as many 20 inch fish but plenty of large 15 to 19 inch bruisers to have a lot of fun. Bakerite came over and met me after I set-up camp and we fished the afternoon bite between 2 and 6 in the afternoon, we landed at least 25 to 30 fish having a blast with large fish blasting in the air all the time. bakerite was a good caster and hook setter, this helped to keep the fun going. heres some of the fish we were catching at a fast rate -

boise la grande trip 095.jpg boise la grande trip 089.jpg boise la grande trip 098.jpg

Good average size fish for this lake, high flying, short running spastic rainbows.

Derek showed the next day and we hit the afternoon bite again and slayed them like the day before. He stayed 3 days, the second day having a tough time of it, from setting the hook to soft or the 8 # p-line fluoro possibly spooking fish and being new to fly fishing he just had one of those days. he landed a few but the fish just were not taking real well for him. I told him bakerite had hooked more fish the day before on 6# test then I did with 8# and I had changed to 6# that day and did well, he changed and things got better for him with hook-ups. For being new derek is already a good caster, but I had to tell him to put more bend or pressure in the rod to not lose fish. Many new fly fisherman just do not know how strong fly rods are, with they're massive flex many times are to gentle with playing fish. he adjusted right away and was in the game!!! here are some pics from his stay---

boise la grande trip 099.jpg boise la grande trip 100.jpg boise la grande trip 107.jpg

At 6 ft. 5 in. 300# derek makes any fish look small, and you better hang on when a big man means in a 14 ft. mini drifter, I had to make him start saying ---"LEANING"--- so I wouldn't fly out of the boat. It was a great 3 days with derek who was already a great fisherman and is now becoming one heck of a fly fisherman. one fish I landed he said looked like a "steelhead" I kinda chuckled at the thought but we were told later that 50 thousand steelhead smolt from the wilson river were brought in and stocked in the lake! I was wondering because in two trips I had hooked some fish that just fought different, long running staying away much more control running and trying to get away then the spastic bows. here's a pick of the one I got with derek -

boise la grande trip 094.jpg

Derek went home and I decided to go fish malhuer res. instead of unity and I'm glad I did--different thread for malhuer!


Great report and pics.
"...........high flying, short running spastic rainbows."

My favorite type of fish!!!

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