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My 8 wt Outbound intermediate is shot and needs to be replaced. I'll probably just buy a new OB but I've heard some intriguing reports about Airflo's Ridge Striper (Cold Saltwater). Do any of you have 1st hand experience with that line? If so, how does it compare to the OB, SA Streamer Express, and Airflow 40+?


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I haven't fished the striper, but have fished the new 40+. Great casting line, with very few tangles.
The downside are the line colors. Bright orange running with an opaque green head. Airflo no longer offering a clear head on their 40+ intermediate lines is a real bummer.
I believe the striper has a "clear blue" head. If you are used to fishing a clear head, the striper head color may turn you off.

Rob Ast

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I have the cold water striper that I use for beach fishing. Much less tangles in the running line than with the outbound, and because it doesn't have quite the shooting head-narrow running line transition I find it easier to adjust the line length for my desired load point. With that said, it will still shoot quite nicely.


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I have the ridge striper in 10wt for my 8/9wt switch rod. Fantastic and super versatile line that is quite easy to overhead, mend, and even spey cast (with 10ft T14, nonetheless!). It also shoots very well and obviously does well in cold water. 10wt line can throw some pretty big flies but I think the 8wt might have trouble with 3"+ baitfish patterns because the mass is distributed over a fairly large head. This is where an outbound or 40+ would probably have an advantage.

I agree with Rob that it is more tangle-free than an Outbound and it is also less tangle-prone than the 40+ lines I own.

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