Grande Ronde Trip Prep

Jim Ficklin

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Have fun, Ed and may you, Mrs. Mumbles (aka "The Boss"), the Mumble-etts & the others on the trip be safe. Be watchful of the ladies (and yourself) while wandering around . . . buzz-tails can be plentiful in that country (tho all should be on the shady side of cover in the present & continuing heat.). I just spent a splendid almost-week back on my home lake in MT . . . it was a rebirth & one well-appreciated.

Ed Call

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We have been having the river safety briefings at dinner, including the rattler talks. I think the girls are ready and will be safe and alert. I can't wait. Packed most of our camping things into dry bags and boxes today. Just a touch more and we will be good to go. I can hardly wait.

Ed Call

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Boat boxes are loaded with most of the gear. We have several errands to run tomorrow, the cooler to pack, load the truck and hitch up the trailer. One final day of prep and pack before we hit the road. We've all been buzzing about this trip for weeks. I know Derek is floating it already, leaving cairns along the way for us? Tick tock, the darn clock just won't move fast enough. Projected weather should be HOT when we arrive, but seems to look like a slight cooling trend. High temps have upped the flows a bit during the heat of the day. Currently just over 3000 which should prove a fun time.


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The boat is all ready for you guys. The Yeti won't get here in time for you guys, though. So that means that I'll be sitting on it in the front yard making splashing noises until you guys drop the boat back off.

Ed Call

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DKL, Here are some photos of the two boats. I have laid down the front U shaped lean bar to allow the scadden to slide on atop my cataraft. Please note that this 14'9" Scadden is made to accomotate three frame pods: Front passenger, rower and rear passenger then cargo platform on the back. For this trip, since only one person, my friend Jim Henderson, will be in that boat, we set it up a bit different. Large cargo netting area to the rear of the cargo platform, rower about mid craft, and the single passenger pod in front has a box mounted where there normall would be a seat. The front standing platform will hold our full kitchen kit in a large pelican box.



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Nice Ed. I already got a couple of ideas I can start doing with mine immediately from your photos. I love the versatility of those boats. Have a great trip.


Derek Young

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Got back yesterday, and Ed's gonna have a stellar report if he uses purple foam hoppers, crawdad patterns, and fishes the right water. Stopped counting the 15" trout, the huge squawfish taking dries, and my buddy landed & released his first wild steelhead on the fly. Camping and weather were great. 65 miles in 3 days.

Alex MacDonald

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So, Ed... I assume you've already given Jill the cat 0`nine tails since she's sitting behind you...? Have a great trip, and pack the sunscreen!

Ed Call

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Minam to Troy 3 days 2 nights. Kids did a little fishing. I did a lot of rowing. First time rowing with the intent to hit all rocks with cushions and every splashy bit on the river. We went 16/18/12 and on the 2/3 days I had all three little girls in the splash and giggle cataraft. Loads of fun. Got stuck once for a while. Got high centered on the rear deck dropping over a very large boulder. We were at an odd angle for a bit, then I got us straight. We got to sit there for a few minutes until I realized I could just step through the Fred Flintstone hole and lift us off the rock. A few lifts and we scooted straight off. Just like all other splashy sections we had hands up, goggles and little bosses saying "let's do that one again". I think I got it on video...we shall see. Photos when we all get home and settled and when we get Jason's boat put back together right.


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Nice! river kids are great. heading out in about 15 minutes for a 5 day trip on the GR with the neices, loading some new music on the ipod for the drive now.


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