thinking about trying the salt..

As the title say I am thinking about picking up my salt endorsement and giving it a shot. Does anyone have any luck at Kayak point or warm beach? I am not looking for any secret spots just a helpful startingpoint.


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I'm not on the Seattle side, but I routinely hear about a number of good beaches over there. If you do a search you'll find them. For that matter, look in a Gazetteer for public beaches on points. Scanning mine I see most of the places I commonly hear about. I'm new to the salt as well, and I'm really starting to love it. Aside from the fish you can catch, just this week I've seen a number of porpoises, a pod of orca whales, bald eagles, seals, etc. It's an experience unlike any river or lake can offer, and on top off all that it's close! Have fun!

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