Upper Chetco - unbelievable whitewater and excellent trout fishing


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A few weeks ago we horse packed inflatable kayaks into the upper Chetco River in the Kalmiopsis wilderness of SW Oregon. Unbelievable 25 miles of non-stop whitewater and excellent trout fishing. For those that have the paddling skills and like to fish, this should be top on your list.
A bunch of pics:

A friend on the trip has a good start to writing up the trip tale:

Normally I am catch and release for trout, with such little angling pressure and hunger built up from non-stop adventure, a few cutthroat had to die! This place doesn't suck!

IMG_1843.JPG Chetco-6119645.jpg DSCF2282.JPG IMG_2342.JPG


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Fanfuckintastic! Wowzer, what a balls to the wall adventure. Beautiful river. Color me green with envy! Nice photographic record. Wish I had them skilz. The pictures of the inverted 'yaks floating in the river remind me of my likely fate should I attempt a float like this.


Ed Call

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Hey Shapp sir, that really looks like kayak water. What do you think about other solo craft? Perhaps like my Scadden Assault or a Watermaster?


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no oar rigs, lots of the slots were just bairly wide enought for a kayak, other craft that could work, a packraft if you were a badass, hardshell whitewater kayaks at a bit higher water, you might be able to R2 paddle a puma or similar small raft at much higher water if you were a badass, but then it there would be a lot of IV+ and some V I bet.


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A few videos of the trip:
My First look at the Chetco

The Magic Canyon just downstream of the putin

Brian exiting one of the first long Class IVs (he makes this move look easy cause he is a solid Class V paddler)

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