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No less than 3 times this month, I have been flipped off, while doing exactly what I’m supposed to in a roundabout. God knows what kind of language was being used but from the facial expressions and the veins in the foreheads popping out I don’t think it was anything you’d want your mother or children to hear.

In addition, to the being flipped off, and what I assume to be colorful language (I didn’t actually hear it, thankfully), I have also had people who were inside the circle stop and impatiently wave me in front of them, into the circle, once by a person on the phone.

I’m not going to say that men are better drivers than women, but all of my experiences at the roundabouts have been with ladies, just an observation.

I know this is a long shot, but we should start somewhere. Please have a discussion with the people in your life that are important to you and see if they know what to do at a roundabout. If not please give them this link and have them check page 33.

Go Fish

Language, its a virus
I wanted to get about 15 people and take
over a roundabout. The line of cars bumper
to bumper letting no one else in. Roll to a stop
and have a picnic on the island.

Hate em.


Go Outside
Most the people in my neighborhood go clockwise and take the first left. It must save them a lot of time, as they don't have to drive by two other exit options! Unfortunately, if I am using the roundabout properly they may cause a head on collision. It really bothers them when they have to reverse and go in a counterclockwise direction.
I prefer roundabout to 4 way stops and intersections with no signs. It take people that know how to use them to make them effective.


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The first one went in around my area and only by accident one day on the local cable station I saw a PSA describing roundabout right-of-way. The rules of ROW and predictable behavior are what make traffic possible. But yeah, it seems like a lot of drivers don't know what the rules are, and for those who took their driver's training a decade or more ago, the rules aren't exactly intuitive.

Jim Darden

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Most of the roundabouts are stupid, like the one in Sedro-Wooley with no cross street. They are designed to make us look "European". If they want to slow 50 mph traffic to 15 mph they should use speed bumps!

Rick Todd

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I agree with Darden-that roundabout in Sedro is totally useless-what a waste of taxpayer money (makes getting into Les Schwab easier though!) Rick


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While the one on Hwy 2 in Sultan makes sense, they made it too small of a diameter and lane width. You should see semi's navigate that thing...scary!!!:eek:

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