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Alex MacDonald

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I have two Yetis; hands down, they're the best I've ever used. Heavy little bastards, but worth the price. The 65qt is probably the best size for the cost. We kept a block of ice for almost two weeks, and I'm wondering if I brined the meltwater if it would remain cold even longer!?


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Here's an ice tip that might prove helpful. Stuff stays much cooler in my Coleman cooler if I freeze gallon jugs of water before taking off for a trip. With the ice contained in the jugs I don't get a cooler full of waterlogged food and I have fresh cold drinking water as the ice slowly melts. I think having the solid ice contained actually keeps it frozen long, too. The jugs still have ice in them 4 - 5 days later. If the Yeti's a better cooler, I'm sure you'd have ice days longer!

Ed Call

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Coleman Max still had ice after five days. Packed it the night before the GR trip. Blocks still kicking after four days of over 90s heat (travel/float/float/float/travel). I still want a yeti or Yukon.
I think a key is prep. I, too, use half gallon juice jugs for ice and I put two in the day before and replace them when I pack to go. I have been very happy with Rubbermaid coolers favored them over Igloo and Coleman, but i'm getting the wants for a Yeti or Engel.

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