Summer Vaca TR


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Headed back to the hot and humid Midwest this week for a vaca to visit both my family and my wife's family around the 4th holiday. While we were in the Minneapolis area it didn't manage to get below 100* for the three days we were there so I was a bit skeptical when we headed to Western WI to the Kinnickinnic River to try and get into some trout and to my suprise, I actually saw a few in the river. Didn't have the size #24 dries with me so hit some of the pools w/ some streamers to try and attact some smallmouth bass. Haven't done this much so it was a bit of a suprise when I the line went tight.

Here's what the result was, by far the largest smallie I've landed in my life and put up a heck of a fight in the current. My old man landed a similer fish on his spin gear but that was it for the day, still decent given my expectations.

After the weekend we headed north to my in-laws place in Cloquet, MN, which is just outside of Duluth, MN. The area had recieved about 23" of rain in a one week time frame about a month ago so again, wasn't expecting much. We hoped in my father-in-law's new pontoon, a new experience for him and I was pretty excited.

Headed out on the Cloquet river, which looks like this.

And caught a bunch of smallies on big streamers, which looked like this. Also had some follows from some pike, which was pretty exciting and will definately be targeting those more next time we're back.

Had a 2nd float on the St. Louis river which was much less productive and involved lots of rowing as the current was non-existent for most of the 11+ miles. A lot of fun overall and its great to get back to the midwest to see family and get in a different type of fishing. Don't post many pics so if the group could cut me a little slack on the huge pictures, epsecially the last glamour shot, it would be appreciated.