No more Pflueger Medalist reels?

Ya all realize this thread is seven years old? Josh likely has found his Pflueger Medalist by now.
The good old days. Bruce Jenner was still Bruce, Trump was just Trump..Still thought good of Bill Cosby..we had glaciers and spring steelhead fishing.. (we had Tom Petty still @Jojo )

I love my old Pluegers even more now!

A Jr High friend gave me an old Plueger in the late seventies of older vintage, and I still use it today, and cherish it.

A knuckle-buster that is irreplaceable.
There's a guy in LaConner who runs an antique/vintage tackle shop. It's a small funky awesome place. Probably 75% gear stuff, but a stack of old bamboo flyrods and a bunch of reels. Two years ago I bought a US made medalist 1492 in awesome shape, $45.00. From what I recall, he had several pfluegers. Worth checking out.
Plug Ugly. Fun shop.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
When I got into Spey Rod fishing I went out and got me one of these reels. The damn thing was at least 6" in dia. I guess it had to be that big to carry the 9, 10, 11 fly line. I was using a 14' rod made by St Croix.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I wonder if anyone ever found my 1594 that went overboard from my fishing yak on Lake Narwhalsawzall a few year ago. I had it on a 90's vintage boron 9' Fenwick rod (6 wt lines worked well with it ) that I'd found on a roadside vendor's rod rack, alongside 101 at Disco Bay. Was a really good lake trolling rod. Had medium action that would flex all the way to the cork, and seemed unbreakable.
The lake had high water at the time it escaped....I have been there at 2' lower water levels since then, and the area it went o/b was probably less than 15' deep at those times. I sort of triangulated the position with the shoreline features, as I didn't have a gps along. Next time I went back there fishing, I wasn't certain if I was in the right place to search for i.. I could have been more relentless in trying to recover it, but I live 62 mi from that lake. I never dredged it back up.

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