Peacock Bass and Scott Bamboo rod.

this customer called me and said

-I want to fish a peacock bass with a bamboo rod.
-You can use a Scott bamboo.
-Send me one!

2 weeks later he sent this picture.

It´s a # 4 rod, this is one of the small fishes.

He tells about fish up to 12 lbs on the rod. Old Schooll angler doesn´t like to take cameras in the boat.

Sometimes when fishing for matrinxã the Pirarucus come and take the whole fish.

Peacock bass feed exclusively on smaller fish... ( I guess that duck webbed foot that one time looked like a little fish? ) Anyway, just about any fly that looks or acts like a little fish works fine. Our Hawaii peacock bass average just over 2 pounds, with a 3 to 5 pounder not that uncommon. I like to use a 5wt rod and I've never had a peacock get me into the backing. The bigger the fish,, well it just takes a little longer to land. LOL