My recent outing...


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A recent visit to the in-laws allowed for me to get back out on my home waters for a few days. Since I appreciate so much others on here go to the work to post their fishing outings with pics, I figured its about time I do my part.

But, with being how special it is to me to be able to get out up here and not have to encounter many other fisherman, I am reluctant to share too many details (as I'm sure many of you can understand). However, there aren't too many secrets around here, and I'm sure some of you are familiar with this part of the West. Anyway, enjoy!

Nice cuttbow
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This beautiful baldy followed us for a while! Amazing how big these birds really are up close!
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And yes, a buddy of mine stuck me while on the sticks. I always have to remind him to de-barb!
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Anybody know how to fix this. Since the picture tags had info I didn't want to be seen, I simply downloaded them into the post, chose to enlarge them to full size, and then delete the little thumbnail. What did I do wrong?


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Okay, cool, I figured it out. Here are the others.

Nice cuttbow, measured 20". jasebull1.jpg

This guy followed us for a while. Amazing how big these birds are up close!! bulleagle1.jpg bulleagle3.jpg DSC00569.JPG

Beautiful country! DSC00587.JPG DSC00589.jpg