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Beginners "Expanding My Horizons" Swap Update #2

Hi Gang,

Just a reminder to all participants listed below that the deadline to have the flies in is only 8 days away (June 15th).

I have flies in from Vickie Eagle Elk (imagine that), the bonus flies are tied and toe tagged so all I need now are flies from:

Ski Bum, Just Learning, Leaky Tiki, Jaws, dheike, Flip, Griswald, Bar Fly, Bill Bert, Stokes, and last but not least, Mulligan (who has lucked into one of the best trout bum jobs I've ever heard of).

Looking forward to seeing those flies rolling in.

Mine are all boxed up and toe tagged with a couple extra for you. I will get them in the mail tomorrow at the latest with as coupla bucks for handling and postage.
Thanks Ron,

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
In the spirit of "expanding my horizons," I have been trying to tie up various dry patterns in #14. My fingers are like clubs...my attempts at a parachute adams was comical at best, as winding two hackles on a post is tricky and a bit tedious (eventually I'll get it). I want to submit something that is worthy of a swap, so I am doing something a bit easier.
I have been able to do a half-way decent comparadun style, which is probably what I'm going with.
Don't worry, I'll have 'em in to you by the 15th.:thumb

About ten minutes after I posted this flies arrived in the afternoon mail from Mulligan and Stokes. Excellent ties from both tyers. You guys are sandbaggin, right.
You are sooooo gonna like the flies in so far.

No sandbaggin here...I went through about 5 different patterns that I hadn't tied before in this effort before ending up the one I sent in.

I was up in the San Juans a few weeks ago, and pulled a fly from my box that came from who knows where...and it started catching fish left and right.

Two of them got hammered pretty quick, and I ended up tying a few that night for the next day by just copying the pattern I had (or what was left of it).
It worked for me so well (and looked halfway decent) I figured it a good match for this swap.

I had to search the patterns o' the net to find out that it was a "tied-back caddis"...shellback nymph with a dry hackle. I used it on a sinking line with
flotant applied, as it would float for 20 seconds or so, then slowly sink. I got a few hits that day dry, but mostly deep.


Stephen Mull
I dropped mine in the mail on the weekend. Should be there tomorrow or the next day I would guess. I tied up some size 14 BH pheasant tails. I have only been tying for 2 months or so now, so go easy on me kiddos ;-)
Just kicking this up so we don't wind up in the archieves.

Also,as stated in the very first post, I'm mailing the flies out on the afternoon of the 16th, so if you want your share of the swap flies make sure yours are in by the 15th.

The flies in so far are very nicely done (as in I'm jealous) and should fish well.



a.k.a. Griswald
Just dropped 13 size 14 Olive Marabou Damsels in the mail to you in Yelm. Look forward to seeing everyone's flies.
Hope mine are ok (been tying for 4 months)

I'm sure your flies are more than okay. That's why it's called a beginners swap, you get to see what others are doing, add to your fly box, and improve your skills. Nothing helps you improve like tying a dozen or so of the same fly.

Looking forward to them.



Stephen Mull
>>The flies in so far are very nicely done (as in I'm jealous) and should fish well.<<

I believe I included 14 flies. One for you and one for Flydreamin.

Leaky Tiki's flies arrived in the afternoon mail, some very nicely tied damsels. Your gonna be getting a nice variation of flies in the swap. Nymphs, dries, emergers so far. looking forward to the rest.

Mulligan, I haven't counted flies in the packages yet, but my thanks for the extras.


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Mine are going into the mail today. Some of them look better than others :-( I wanted to tie up some more to replace the more mediocre ones, but I have been working 60+ hour weeks for the last month and a half. I think they are trying to kill me.:dunno

I field tested one of them down here on the lower Lil' D on Sunday, and caught three cutthroat. So, if nothing else, they are fishable.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Ron, Looks like I get to tie today. Was just headed out to manicure a few lawns and the weather went from overcast to a nasty rain squall, so I chickened out, tucked tail and headed for the barn. Of course, now that I'm back inside, the rain is letting up. But that's it! Work is canceled for the day. This gusty squally stuff (here on the coast) is fly tying weather!:beer2

Bill Bert, Nothing like field testing those flies. At least it's a good excuse to hit the river. Drop me an e-mail, we should hook up and fish one of these days.

Jaws, If your weather patterns have been anything like mine, you've had a lot of tying days. Of course those overcast days with no wind make great BWO hatches happen.


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