Swap Beginners

Hi Guys,

I went down to the post office to get the envelopes to mail out the flies and everything was dark. We are getting no mail delivery today because of a power problem at the Post Office. I won't be able to get the flies out until tommorow (the 17th) morning. My apologies.

SkiBum, If you can overnite them again, to me this time. they will probably make it.

Again, my apologies for getting the fllies out late, but this is something I have no control over. Thanks for your understanding (I hope).


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Miscommunication again with Kelly!
I didn't realize pregnant women got so
Mine didn't go out until this morning.
Hopefully, they'll make it.........

Ron, I typically work evenings (1600-0200 lately) so I fish in the morning when I have the energy. Although I have a sneaking suspicion my fishing time is going to be seriously curtailed in the next week or two.
I am very very sorry about missing out. I was just taken into the ER recently for a freak headache. They ruled out anurism and that is pretty cool though I still have headaches for whatever reason. I am laying of most things right now and if I get a few short moments I will try to focus on the vise and finish what I promised, even without the swap I will still mail them to you. Maybe we could just swap for the bonus ties you were putting out.
Thanks again,
Man! Look what happens when you taje the other half out for dinner and a movie. You get bumped all the way to page 2.

The flies are in the capable (?) hands of the US Postal System. Unfortunately SkiBum and dheike's flies didn't make the deadline, even with the extra day because of the poweer probelm. The flies that were to go to them were divded up among those who got their flies in, so you got some extras.

Skibum, when your flies arrive do you want me to hold them for the next swap?

Yes, boys and girls, there will be one more swap before I quit for the summer. Be watching for the announcement on the BB on Monday.

I was thinking that this fall, after the fishing slows down and the weather gets nasty, maybe we could do a monthly beginners swap. one month do streamers, then terrestrials, nymphs, that sort of thing. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think. I think it would be a great way to fill your boxes for next season.

Thanks to all the swappers for participating. The flies were very well done, and the generosity for FlyDreamin was terrific. Thanks again.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Received my flies in the mail Saturday and I'm stoked! Nice work, guys and Vickie. Thanks again Ron. That bonus fly you tied, a #20 Rocky Ford Creek Blue Plate Special, sure has a long name for such a small fly! Looks cool and not too hard to tie.
One word on my comparadun. Apply dressing only to the wing so that the body sits low in the film, per directions in Skip Morris' Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple.

Jaws, Out of 20 fish caught at RFC, 18 were on the RFCBPS. Fish it dry or let it drown, the fish will eat it any way it's served. I did use it yesterday on the Little D in Tumwater and brought 4 nice cutts to hand with it before one of those tree fish broke me off. We stopped fishing shortly after that because the bikini/beer hatch had started.

Glad you liked the flies. It looked like everyone put a real effort into tying those up.


Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
I've been so busy with work and then my Grandma's birthday party on Saturday that I hadn't checked the ol' snail mailbox. I got mine, and I am very excited to try them. I'm not too sure what to do with the tube flies, though. It looks like I need to work on my tying skills some more, as mine looked the most "beginnerish" of the bunch.

I bought my father a TFO Professional series 5wt, Okuma reel, line, leader, and tippet for Father's day. So hopefully, we can put some of the flies to good use together.

Thanks to everyone!
I sure wish I was heading out to test some of the flies instead of to the very hot factory :-( .
I feel like I'm back at Fort Benning with this hot, muggy weather and lightning.
Just recieved mine in the mail and they are SWEEET!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts and especially Ron for putting it all together:thumb

Tight Lines,

Edit: LadyBug has been eyeballing all my new bugs " Oh, that one looks fishy" she says. Then "Wow, I really like that one!" and I said, "You shoulda joined up because these are MINE" }(

Swaps are cool, LT:smokin
WOW They are all awesome, thanks for everyones tying. I am looking forward to going and fishing them hopefully yhis weekend. Anyone help me with the tube fly? Thanks Ron for the swap as usual it was great.
I must confess, I got my share of the flies when they were mailed out. Nicely tied everyone. We're going out in the morning before the bikini hatch starts to test a few of these.

I'm signing up for the new beginners swap. Anyone else?

Tube fly help........

Slide the fly on your tippet.........Tie a 2 ought hook on below................cast for steelies............Hang on!!!!!!!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Which end is the front? Do you rig it to work like a reversed spider, or will that put the whip-finish in harm's way? My guess is that the tube fly will slide up the tippet and avoid the fish teeth.
I'll bet it would work well on Coho in the estuaries.

Jimbo, The feathers will point away from the front. Your absolutely right, the tube slides up the tippet to avoid those teeth. It is a popular style of fly for salmon, besides those metal heads. Works well for Musky and Pike too if you use a wire leader.