Outnumbered at PNP

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Mid Channel Bank and Port Townsend Bay looked like a fleet of Clorox bottles, fishing at the edge of the shipping traffic lane in the fog today. I hear that the numbers have been good for the Chinnook fishermen out there.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I wonder if that lone beach angler standing there feels like an "elitist." I'm not sure if he's a fly angler. I think I can see the wrappings for the eyelets on his rod. They look too large and too few for a fly rod.


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Do you prefer to fish PnP at low or high tide...Thanks!
Not necessarily a high or a low as much the flood (incoming) and ebb (outgoing). ie moving water and not the slacks, if you get what I mean. All beaches are different in that some fish better on the flood and some on the ebb. PNP always has moving water except at the high and low slacks.
All those boats there because of the other thread! ;) Those are all forum lurkers that decided it was time to hit it. They must have figured that after all the hot action in the thread, that that particular water must be worth hitting if not no one would care enough to get bent ;)

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