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I too use a CampGaz stove and it works well. Tough to find canisters for it over here in Pullman as the only store that carries them is a little shop in Moscow, ID. I still use it though and love the stove.

Upton O

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Jetboil works well for me when the duck blind menu calls for hot water boiled quickly. Probably wouldn't try to use it to really cook anything. There seems to be a magic switch somewhere in the burner that goes off when the water starts boiling, that is always the exact time a flock of ducks appears out of nowhere and lands in the decoys.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Another cheap option was something I learned from my Dad. He worked his whole over 18 career at a corrugated box factory. Of course, they have seal coat/wetloc machines (one sided wax and infused was inside and out on both sides). What he used to do was take a tuna fish can, use an old fashioned oil can opener (or one of the metal can openers with punch top) and make holes on the side for oxygen, and cut a wetloc box (that's the infused wax box, like you see in supermarkets for some produce and frozen meats) so it would fit into the can with just a small amount of room from top of corrugated to where top of can is. He would roll it of course. So looked almost like a cinnamon roll shape in it. He would melt some extra wax to melt over it and seal it into the can. Would ignite fast and had a can cut for it just a tad bit bigger to toss over it to extinguish it. You could put a small pan over the top of it and it would cook up super fast. Cheap and easy to make (and anyone can still make it). Just my Dad had access to make them super easy. In fact, he used to make firestarters with the bad wetloc boxes.


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I bought an Optimus 8 in 1972 and have been using it ever since. Does require priming and that can be tricky but with experience it's not a big deal. I'm pretty sure it will last 100 years. It looks like a square box when it's closed up and pretty easy to pack. Expensive new but probably a zillion of them in garages all over the PNW.

You can buy a new gas tank cap with a valve built into it and a mini hand pump to put a end for the need to prime the stove

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