Tips and leaders

steve s

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Do you have poly leaders? If so, you can go about 4' 8-10lb tippet off that. If not, a longer, 12-14' leader tapered to 8-10 lb should work.


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The Green is now at low flow. 520 gr seems like a lot of weight that will go "splat!" when it's time to be fishing fine and far off. A 7 wt fly line and long tapered leader seems more appropriate to water conditions.



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Not sure what 'Green River' you're asking about, but with 2-hander's folks have a great tendency to go far longer than needed. 'Normal flows' a 9' is fine, a 12 foot is more than needed. A Sink tip/Poly-sinking 2 -3 foot to fly. Beyond that you need a weighted fly. (Trust me on that one.)

Low water, like really low water ....., now the 12 -15 foot floaters bring something to the Party.